Teachers Pay Teachers!

Our newest venture is in the domain of lesson plans! Along with curriculum expert Tracy Edmunds, we have launched a Teachers Pay Teachers store! In it, we have the 113-slide digital comic, along with 25 pages of lesson plans and activities for grades 4-8!

The first listing goes with Solution Squad #1:

Solution Squad is a comic about a team of teenage heroes, each with a different math-based superpower. The team teaches mathematical concepts in a fun and accessible way while engaging students in the story. Join the Solution Squad and be part of the solution!

The digital comic Solution Squad: Primer was created specifically for classroom use. Project the comic to read as a class, or have students read it on a tablet or other digital device. Math concepts are embedded throughout the story.

The lessons that accompany this comic teach different aspects of prime numbers an their uses. All lessons include directions and printable worksheets, and can be used with the whole class or small groups.

The Solution Squad: Primer Full Package includes:
• Solution Squad in: Primer digital comic
• How to Read a Comic
• Prime Number Sieve activity
• Happy Primes activity
• Fundamental Theorem of Arithmetic activity
• Fraction Action activity
• Goldbach’s Conjecture activity
• Bonus: One Billion Dollars writing prompt

It’s 25 pages worth of lesson plans! You can teach for two weeks with them!

Please check it out and spread the word!