Solution Squad Phase III

Hello, everyone! It’s been too long since I updated the website, and I think it’s time for that to change!

The first phase of Solution Squad was producing a webcomic and then a print comic book that could be used to test the waters, so to speak, of educational comics. The first webcomic premiered on February 29, 2012, and about a year later, it was completed and the print comic was produced in time for C2E2 on April 26, 2013. It was critically successful, but it became clear very quickly that single-issue comic books were not the best format for the classroom. So, Solution Squad Phase II was to create a full-sized graphic novel. Four years later…

Softcover, art by Steven E. Gordon and Eric A. Gordon

Following our successful Kickstarter, the first Solution Squad graphic novel has been published! Thanks to IngramSpark’s print-on-demand service, it’s available in paperback virtually everywhere, including, Barnes & Noble, and Baker & Taylor. It’s 144 pages of hard-hitting action with mathematics scattered throughout. Honestly, you will learn math by accident just by reading their fun adventures!


Hardcover, art by Serena Guerra and Jim McClain

The hardcover version is available here on our website, under “Get Solution Squad.” It’s also available at in Mishawaka, Indiana, as well as the Hall of Heroes Superhero Museum in Elkhart, Indiana.  We’ll add more venues as we go, just as we did with the comic book.  If you buy it directly from us, you’ll get it signed by creator Jim McClain with a free marker sketch on the title page! We’re going to be traveling all over the place with the book, so make sure to check back here for signings and appearances!

Phase III

The larger overall plan for Solution Squad includes stories told in a projectable, digital format complete with lesson plans and activities that go with them. I am also going to be posting here more regularly with teaching tips and lesson plans for how to use Solution Squad (and comics in general) in the classroom, as well as advice from my long experience (30 years) as a teacher. We’ll see if I know anything that you don’t already know. I’m also going to start doing library and school visits, to better show teachers the value of using my comic. It’s really hard to fit everything I’ve built into a 15-second pitch, but if I can sit down with teachers for a few minutes, I can make believers out of anyone. It really does work!

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