Day 6: Primer: The Prime Number Sieve

1960s Style Title Screen

Hey, everyone!

Now that readers have had the chance to get to know the whole Squad via their origin stories and related activities, it’s time to go through their first adventure. You’ve had the opportunity to download the whole graphic novel in its printed form. Now you get to see it in its digital form!

This is the first story in the graphic novel, called “Primer.” It’s been formatted to be displayed in landscape format instead of the traditional printed portrait format. If you can cast to your television or plug an HDMI cable to your computer, you can display it really big! This story is in higher resolution so you can see the fine details.

The activity that goes with it is the same one found in the back of the book as a sample lesson plan. Kids use a prime number sieve to find all the prime numbers up to 100.
This activity can be found, for free, on Teachers Pay Teachers, and there’s even a YouTube video that shows how the whole thing can be read and enjoyed.

Have a great day, and Defendit Numerus!