Day 6: Primer: The Prime Number Sieve

Hey, everyone! Now that readers have had the chance to get to know the whole Squad via their origin stories and related activities, it’s time to go through their first adventure. You’ve had the opportunity to download the whole graphic novel in its printed form. Now you get to see it in its digital form! […]

Day 4: La Calculadora’s Churros Recipe

Hey, everyone! No big math activity today. Take a day off! Instead, there’s just a little measuring to be done with fractions as you make LaCalculadoras Cinnamon Churros Recipe ! As you can read her origin on p. 101 of Solution Squad, Dora’s recipes helped her mother’s boss’s restaurant be successful. This is one of them. Buen […]

Day 2: Graphing on the Coordinate Plane

Hey, everyone! This isn’t necessarily something you need to do immediately after the writing prompt I posted yesterday. This is just something you can do whenever the fancy strikes you and your kids. Using graph paper, kids are going to draw the Solution Squad insignia, the “SS” symbol! Graph points on the coordinate plane to […]

Day 1: What Would You Do With One Billion Dollars?

Note: This was adapted from a previous post, but serves as a good example of how Solution Squad isn’t merely for math! There isn’t only one way to teach using Jim McClain’s Solution Squad. I’ve been using it for years. Ordinarily, I’d go right through the first story, developing prime number skills. But given current headlines, […]

Announcing Solution Squad Volume 2!

After careful consideration and getting approval from the two most important people I have to clear decisions like this with (Margarita Mandoki McClain and Tracy Edmunds), I am going forward with Solution Squad Volume 2!   Don’t worry, I’m not going to ask you to back another Kickstarter so soon after I just did one. […]


Jim is set up at Artist Alley table Y-3 and is offering a 20% discount to all educators! Also, offering educator discounts are: Christopher Jones (Young Justice), 10%, table X-10 Unshaven Comics, 10%, table W-4 Katie Schenkel, co-creator of Cardboard Kingdom, 10%, table R-12.

Digital Comics and How to Use Them in the Classroom

One of the common questions I receive is, “How do I use Solution Squad in my classroom?” That’s a fair question to which I have an unfair answer. I generally don’t use the physical book in my classroom. I have copies on hand for kids to read, but the physical book really isn’t meant for […]

How Many Days Old Are You? Part 1

When I want to assess my students’ problem solving abilities to begin the semester, I ask one simple question. It’s the title of this post.  So simple. It requires nothing more than whole number addition and multiplication and a rudimentary knowledge of the calendar. But watching student after student answer the question incorrectly, I lay […]

Teaching with Jim McClain’s Solution Squad, Part 3

Students continued their writing today, and I promised them that I would do the activity right along with them. I guess their thought is if we suffer together, it’s more bearable? Since they’ve moved past the organized list phase into the paragraph writing phase, I modeled what I think their paragraphs should look like. What […]

Teaching with Jim McClain’s Solution Squad, Part 2

There isn’t only one way to teach using Jim McClain’s Solution Squad. I’ve been using it for years. Ordinarily, I’d go right through the first story, developing prime number skills. But this year, I decided to go off-script. My favorite Solution Squad activity is a writing prompt: What Would You Do with One Billion Dollars? […]

Teaching with Jim McClain’s Solution Squad, Part 1

We have published our first graphic novel, available here and here, but now the question is, “How do we teach with it?” The answer follows! In my seventh grade classroom yesterday, I polled my students to find out how many of them had never read a comic book or a graphic novel. I was pleased to […]

We Have Arrived!

Thanks to IngramSpark, Jim McClain’s Solution Squad is now available from booksellers everywhere! You can find the 146-page paperback version available at, Barnes and Noble, Chegg, and elsewhere! The hardcover copies are still about a month away from being completely printed, but in the meantime, we have a book!

Games: Lo-Hi

Jim McClain here! If you have access to two 12-sided dice, try this game out for your elementary age kids who are struggling with their multiplication facts. My kids–seventh graders, mind you–beg to play this game. It’s easy, it’s fair, and you can copy the score sheet to your heart’s content. I do them back-to-back […]

Free Download!

For a limited time, the widescreen digital version of Solution Squad #1 is available for free, right here! The download code is FALLBACK. And if you really don’t know what to do with that, I’ve created a new 15-minute video that will guide you through just that. This isn’t the kitchen sink, but it’s certainly […]