The Team

La CalculadoraLa Calculadora

La Calculadora is the leader of the team. She has an eidetic memory, meaning that she can remember everything she has ever seen or heard in perfect detail. She also has the power to perform complex mental calculations instantly.


Radical creates electromagnetic triangles in the air, which he uses to push objects around (including himself–he rides them with his surfboard!). He is also a time-traveler, but has not yet learned to control this power.


Absolutia’s powers represent the concept of absolute value. She is able to control the temperature in the air around her to both extremes, and can burn OR freeze her targets.



Equality has the power to copy the abilities of anyone around her at range, and can take half of their power for her own for a time by touching them. She adds this power to her own natural intelligence and athleticism, and is one of the most versatile members of the team.


Abscissa is one of the duo known as the Ordered Pair, together with her twin brother, Ordinate. Abscissa can run at hyper-speed across long distances, but doesn’t do too well with heights or great underwater depths.


Ordinate is one of the duo known as the Ordered Pair, together with his twin sister, Abscissa. Ordinate is a powerhouse with the ability to fly to great heights and depths, and can withstand pressure differences that would injure other members of the team.