Day 6: Primer: The Prime Number Sieve

Hey, everyone! Now that readers have had the chance to get to know the whole Squad via their origin stories and related activities, it’s time to go through their first adventure. You’ve had the opportunity to download the whole graphic novel in its printed form. Now you get to see it in its digital form! […]

Day 4: La Calculadora’s Churros Recipe

Hey, everyone! No big math activity today. Take a day off! Instead, there’s just a little measuring to be done with fractions as you make LaCalculadoras Cinnamon Churros Recipe ! As you can read her origin on p. 101 of Solution Squad, Dora’s recipes helped her mother’s boss’s restaurant be successful. This is one of them. Buen […]

Day 2: Graphing on the Coordinate Plane

Hey, everyone! This isn’t necessarily something you need to do immediately after the writing prompt I posted yesterday. This is just something you can do whenever the fancy strikes you and your kids. Using graph paper, kids are going to draw the Solution Squad insignia, the “SS” symbol! Graph points on the coordinate plane to […]

Day 1: What Would You Do With One Billion Dollars?

Note: This was adapted from a previous post, but serves as a good example of how Solution Squad isn’t merely for math! There isn’t only one way to teach using Jim McClain’s Solution Squad. I’ve been using it for years. Ordinarily, I’d go right through the first story, developing prime number skills. But given current headlines, […]